Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mister Donut

He tastes as good as he looks, JSYK
So, thanks to my good friend Risa, I've developed a bit of an obsession.  Many of you who know me or have seen my facebook or Twitter posts might already know that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the Japanese doughnut chain Mister Donut.  I feel like I annoy people with how much I talk about this place, so I feel like an explanation of my love is in order.

First, let me give you a brief history of my knowledge and relationship with Mister Donut.  When I first came to Japan in 2008, I heard some people talking about this place.  It seemed like nothing special, so I (STUPIDLY) never went during that time.  When I moved back here, my friend Risa and I went to the LaLaPort in Chiba.  It was there I first entered a Mister Donut store.  Surprisingly, we didn't have any donuts, since we had just eaten a delicious okonomiyaki meal.  We saw there was an appetizing drink selection, including a new item which was an icy fruit flavored "drink", but more like a sno-cone in a glass.  The line was long (a common trend in almost all Mister Donut stores I go to, since they're so damn GOOD), and while we were waiting, I had a good chance to stare longingly at the doughnuts.  They were perfectly made, had appetizing flavors, and some of them were just darn cute!!!  Risa was telling me about this one doughnut called a "pon de ring".  It basically looks like a doughnut ring made out of little balls.  She was telling me how it was different from a normal doughnut because of the texture.  I'll admit, I didn't quite believe her, having had many a doughnut in my time, but I was still intrigued.  I vowed to go to one and give this famous "pon de ring" a try (as well as eat and adorable teddy bear head!).

How glad I was to have given it a try.  Pon de rings are like nothing I've ever had before.  They have this unique soft texture that is just absolutely fantastic!!!  They come in a variety of flavors, and can be super cheap during Mister Donut's numerous sales.  In other words: if you ever come to Japan, it is your DUTY to try one of these!!!  Besides the pon de rings, the other doughnuts are delectable as well.  My favorites so far are the honey churro, strawberry ring, green tea bear head, and the chocolate french crullers.  They're all just so fantastically made with perfect presentation and cheap prices.  Every time I enter one, I get this rush of joy at all of the variety!!!

In addition to their wonderful selection, Mister Donut offers a point card system as well.  You can trade in these precious points for cool things that change every month or so.  I currently have 87 points and am hoping to save up enough for the coveted "Pon de Lion" plush toy!!!!  Agghhhh, I hope that some day, lovely readers, we can go forth together and partake in the utter joy that is Mister Donut.

The one in the bottom left corner is a Pon De Ring.  DELICIOUS!

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